Welcome to The Fretted Apprentice

Welcome to the official web site of the Fretted Apprentice series of eBooks and eLearning tools.

Unlocking your Fretboard

The aim of the Fretted Apprentice is to provide an insight into how music theory relates to the guitar, togther with several different systems to help memorise patterns on your fretboard. This should enable you to link the patterns togther, giving you the freedom to improvise anywhere on the neck.

Of course, understanding what you're playing is only one aspect of being a confident musician, so I urge you to jam as much as possible with other musicians whilst studying the lessons and information presented in the Fretted Apprentice.

Although learning the theory behind music can seem a little daunting at times, a basic working theoretical knowledge of music can help you to develop confidence in different playing situations and provide a good foundation to build upon as your musical skills advance.

Advancing Your Skills

On this web version of the Fretted Apprentice you will find the material first presented in my eBook 'The Fretted Apprentice: Fretboard Guide' re-worked and expanded to include more detail.

Presented are sections on the CAGED system, associated CAGED Scales and the Modal system of playing. You will also discover extra material on the Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales and the Blues Scale.

For more advanced study I have included an in-depth study of Modal Pentatonic Scales.


The Fretted Apprentice was authored by Stuart Welsh and is part of his Beliefspace Project.